18 U.S. Cities With The Worst Credit Scores. Is Your City One Of Them?

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Millions of Americans are consistently guilty of living beyond their means, a pursuit greatly aided by the presence of credit cards and easy to obtain loans. In some regions, individuals are able to manage their credit in a reasonable manner, keeping debt to a minimum and making payments on time. But others serve as cesspools of horrible credits, with residents hounded by collections agencies and mired in debt. The following cities struggle with some of the worst credit scores in the United States:

1. Bluefield, West Virginia

Every year, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion come together to calculate average VantageScores for several dozen major United States cities. These scores serve as an excellent representation of the typical state of credit in each region, with the award for top score going to Rochester, Minnesota (with an average VantageScore of 716). Unfortunately, Bluefield is lagging far, far beyond Rochester, earning an average VantageScore of only 662. This next city doesn’t fair much better…

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