15 Fabulously Fun Ways You Could Be Spending Your Tax Refund

Hub Bub Coffee TruckPhoto credit: CC license  by Ezra Wolfe

The IRS recently reported that a little over a month into tax season, they are paying out an average refund of about $3,034. Sure, you could stick that in a savings account for a rainy day, but who are we kidding, it would be a lot more fun to spend some or all of it. In the spirit of aiding and abetting your irresponsibility, here are 15 ways you can have a fabulous time courtesy of Uncle Sam:

1. Open up a Food Truck

Street meat is a hot ticket item these days, and for the low low cost of $3000, you can pick up your very own kiosk. Sure, you’ll still have to spring for mystery meat to slap on your hot dog buns and scrounge up some permits, but that’s what investors are for, right? If becoming a chef wasn’t on your bucket list then you should try….

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