15 Things To Remove From Your Resume Right Now

9215811414_f2a5d44679_bPhoto credit: CC license by Matt Brown
The job market isn’t exactly hopping right now. So you’ve got to have a flawless, absolutely killer resume if you want to get a job. If your resume isn’t so top notch that it stands out among the rest, you probably won’t even be called for an interview. However, today’s resumes are not the ones your parents used, and most of the information out there in resume “how-to” books is outdated for today’s increasingly digital world of employment. Follow traditional resume advice and you can kiss your chance at that dream job good-bye. Follow the advice here, and you’ve got a shot at winning the hiring game. If you want any chance of getting that job at all, you must leave these 15 terrible and totally outdated things off of your resume:

1. A Photo of You

Unless you’re auditioning for something in the entertainment industry and need a head shot, photos of you have no place on your resume. They actually make you look egotistical and unprofessional. Including one is a quick way to introduce your resume to the job recruiter’s trash can.

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