15 Unexpected Bonuses To Being Broke

3107618662_bc8cf9785a_bPhoto credit: CC license by Yun Huang Yong
There aren’t a lot of things in life that make you feel more like a baller than dramatically picking up the tab for dinner with your friends or springing or that new pair of Jimmy Choos you’ve had your eye on all week. But when the raise you’ve been expecting doesn’t materialize or your job does a disappearing act all its own, what is there left to be happy about? Ignoring the obvious answers of family, love and being alive, here are 15 other great reasons to celebrate the joys of being utterly, devastatingly, hysterically broke.

1. You’ll Lose Weight, One Dry Piece of Toast at a Time

It’s easy to eat a whole wedge of brie in a single bound, but when you’re low on dough, welfare cheese and white bread is the dinner of champions. Ramen noodles only cost a quarter, and they’ll fill you up without adding a single pound! Just don’t drop too many inches, or you’ll have to buy yourself a new, smaller pair of pants, and you know that ain’t in the budget. Plus you’ll get the unexpected bonus of…

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