15 Financial Habits Of Millionaires That Will Surprise You

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You’ve seen it before. The singer, actor or athlete who rakes in millions each year. Yet, somehow, they manage to lose everything, and the next thing you know, they’re filing for bankruptcy. And then there are those neighbors or friends of yours who always seem to be spending unbelievable amounts of money on luxury items. You just don’t understand how they can afford all of their indulgences, and then one day, you learn that they really couldn’t. That it was all a credit-card-fueled fantasy. So how do “real” millionaires make and keep their money? The following are 15 of the lifestyle changes that you’ll need to make if you, too, want to become a real millionaire.

1. Avoid Living in a “Rich” Neighborhood

Few things will suck money out of your account faster than buying and moving into a fancy McMansion in an upscale neighborhood. In addition to paying off an expensive mortgage, you’ll also be hit with higher bills for utilities and furnishings. The worst part, financially, about living in a rich neighborhood: You’re going to feel as if you have to spend even more money to keep up with your neighbors and their purchases. It’s a syndrome called ‘Keeping Up With The Jones’ and it’s a real budget buster. Real millionaires also save money because they…

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