15 Super Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Pets

Search and Rescue German ShepherdPhoto credit: CC license  by State Farm

Humans love their fur babies. According to the American Pet Products Association, owners spent nearly $56 million in 2013 on their pets on such thing as food, vet bills, boarding and toys. Unfortunately, some of these owners — blinded by their love for their pets — are spending more than they actually have to. Here are 15 ways that you can save money on your pets.

1. Choose a Rescue

A designer dog or trendy purebred pup can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you aren’t planning on showing your future furry friend at dog shows, why not adopt a rescue dog for a lot less money, instead? In some cases, you might even find the breed you were hoping to get at the shelter. Once you get your new friend, you can save money on your vet bills by…

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