The 15 Best Ways To Invest $1,000 Right Now

01Photo credit: CC license by Herry Lawford

Doing taxes is not a fun chore, but if you get a return it is a lot of fun to think about where you can spend it. If you got $1000 back from the Federal government this year, what you like to spend it on? Here are a few suggestions that you can use to invest your $1000.

1. Invest in Art

While good art is subjectable, making a good investment is a sure fire thing. Rich people frequently buy art because they know what you donítópieces of art not only retain their value but go up over the years. Buy directly from the artist and they can tell you how they made the piece, and what is unique about it. Not only will you be making money, you can feel good that you are a patron of the arts and the artist will be happy to continue creating.

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